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Pacman Jewelry Design Ideas

Pacman Jewelry

For over 30 years the Pac-man video game is much more than a game. Pacman is a symbol of the 80s, of geek life, of retro. It comes in waves. And recently, it feels like a new Pacman wave is upon us. And Pacman jewelry is part of it all. Here are some great jewelry design ideas featuring… Pacman!

Pacman Rings

As a gift idea for a geek or a do it yourself project – here are a few Pacman rings.
Pacman Jewelry 2 - Pacman Rings
The Pacman game characters can be in a series of a few rings or a single ring.
Pacman Jewelry 2b - Pacman Rings
This unique design has Pacman in an open ring.
Pacman Jewelry 2c - Pacman Open Ring

Pacman Piercing

This original ear piercing design with Pacman was the original photo to inspire this entire post about Pacman jewelry.
Pac-man Jewelry 3 - Pacman Piercing

Pacman Necklaces

Pacman necklaces come in multiple designs.
Pacman Jewelry 5 - Pacman Necklace
The Pacman characters can be small or big.
Pac-man Jewelry 5a - Pacman Necklace Big
And the Pacman pendant can even be made of gold and diamonds.
Pacman Jewelry 5c - Pacman Necklace Gold Pendant

Pacman Earrings

Probably the most common Pacman jewelry piece is the Pacman pair of earrings.
Pacman Jewelry 6 - Pacman Earrings
The Pacman earrings come in many shapes and designs.
Pac-man Jewelry 6a - Pacman Stub Earrings

Pacman Bracelets

Among the Pacman jewelry designs, the easiest to do by yourself is the Pacman bracelet.
Pacman Jewelry 7 - Pacman Bracelet
Here is an interesting plastic Pacman bracelet.
Pacman Jewelry 7a - Pacman Bracelet Plastic
And another Pacman bracelet design.
Pac-man Jewelry 7b - Pacman Bracelet

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