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Famous Necklaces by Jewelery Designer Yossi Harari

The award-winning jewelry designs of Yossi Harari are amongst the biggest red carpet favorites for several generations of Hollywood divas!  The beauty of Harari’s timeless and haute fine jewelry has taken some of the couture world’s most coveted honors, including Couture Town & Country Design Awards and Couture Las Vegas Awards.  Harari is a well-liked celebrity designer whose jewelry, including outstanding fine necklaces, is frequently featured in the world’s most prestigious publications.

 Helen Necklace, handmade in Oxidized Gilver and 24-carat gold

Harari - 18- and 24-Karat Gold Helen Diamond Necklace with Oxidized Gilver

An up-close look at the handmade rough cut beads and pure gold of this famed necklace from Yossi's Helen collection.

Yossi’s individualized “gilver’ is a blackish-gold metal consisting of 3 parts gold and 1 part silver, making it a signature part of his jewelry pieces.  The colors can be seen mixed with pure 24-carat gold in Harari’s Helen collection (pictured above) and the Libra collection of jewelry, below.

Libra Necklace, Grey and Blue Agate with Gilver Detail

libra blue agate necklace yossi harari

Hits of gilver and gold join blue agate in this stunning bead necklace design.

Yossi Harari might employ a 2000-year old process to create his jewelry, but inspirations for his designs are made for the most contemporary wearers.  Also included are many classics, such as large emerald-cut stones and mosaic settings.

Disco Ball Pendants 

Disco ball-inspired pendants are part of signature contemporary influence brought to couture jewelry by Yossi Harari