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Best Online Jewelry Stores

Best Online Jewelry Stores trusted by Jewelrista

What are the best online jewelry stores? For a birthday, the holidays or a wedding, when you want to buy jewelry online, these are the most trusted websites. The Jewelrista team is not affiliated with these jewelry stores and we don’t get paid by them. This list is presented as a service to Jewelrista magazine readers. Happy Holidays! Or, Congratulations!

1. Blue Nile

While the ranking in this list do not necessarily mean much, we still make sure to place the Blue Nile online jewelry store at number one. No doubt, this is one of the leading choices which you can trust anytime of the year.

Best Online Jewelry Stores 1 Blue Nile

2. Kay Jewelers

This traditional choice work very well online and when you want to browse an order online a piece of jewelry as a gift, Kay Jewelers is a very good choice with high level of service and great products.

Best Online Jewelry Stores 1 Blue Nile

3. Zales

Don’t be fooled by the weird name, Zales is a great online jewelry store. We hear only good feedback about the jewelry and delivery options and it also scored very high on design.

Best Online Jewelry Stores 3 Zales

4. Ice

For modern design jewelry and great gift ideas, shop at the Ice online store with 100% trust.

Best Online Jewelry Stores 4 Ice

5. Tiffany & Co.

For a more classical look and fine jewelry, Tiffany & Co. took their luxurious brand the traditional stores into the online world with the expected level of grace and service.

Best Online Jewelry Stores 5 Tiffany

6. Harry Winston

While a little less known than other names on this list of the best online jewelry stores, Harry Winston offers high quality designer jewelry with perfect service.

Best Online Jewelry Stores 5 Harry Winston

7. Etsy

You might be surprised to find Etsy in this list, but we stand by this recommendation. For jewelry gift ideas with a smaller price tag, try ordering directly from jewelers and artists. This site also offers an abundance of handmade jewelry and it’s fun to browse.

Best Online Jewelry Stores 6 Etsy

8. Amazon Jewelry

Yes, it’s not only for books. At Amazon Jewelry you can order a variety of fine and fashion jewelry. This can be a good choice for gifts when you want to order and deliver directly to the receiver. When ordering jewelry at Amazon, you can expect the same high level of service and trust that we all learned to respect. Plus, they have deep discounts from time to time.

Best Online Jewelry Stores 8 Amazon Jewelry

9. Ebay Jewelry

Last but not least, at Ebay Jewelry you can find… well, almost anything. Here, our recommendation is not blind all over the website. And yet, Ebay makes sure to maintain high level of service and you can get great offers on a big online variety of jewelry.

Best Online Jewelry Stores 7 Ebay Jewelry

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