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Matching Bracelets – Show Love Before the Ring

Matching Bracelets – For His and Her

In the summer of 2012 Kim Kardashian and Kanye showed their matching bracelets in public. It was way before the wedding. Everyone following the celebrity couple asked, is this ‘his and hers’ designer bracelet just one step from the wedding ring? And they had a good point.

Matching Bracelets - Kim Kardashian and Kanye

Matching Bracelets – Kim Kardashian and Kanye

Show Your Love with Matching Bracelets

When you want to show your love to your girlfriend or boyfriend and also have everyone else see it – but when it’s too early for a ring – consider a pair of matching bracelets. It can be anything from a low cost identical set of bracelets and on to expensive designer bracelets.

For as low as $25, you can order a custom made pair of bracelets for ‘His and Her’, with your names engraved on leather bracelets. You can order this on Etsy.

Matching Bracelets - Leather Engraving for a Couple

Matching Bracelets – Leather Engraving for a Couple

Design Your Own Pair of Matching Couple Bracelets

If you are looking for a higher end pair of bracelets, there is a very interesting option online. At Pandora, the great designer jewelry brand, you can design your own matching pair of matching bracelets. With your own choice of bracelet, material, stones, and of course charms, you create a unique pair of bracelets. The price range is much wider, depending on your choices (and no, we don’t get any commission from this recommendation. It’s just nice).

Matching Bracelets - Design Your Own Pair at Pandora Online

Matching Bracelets – Design Your Own Pair at Pandora Online

Be Creative with the Couple Bracelets

Ultimately, you’re searching for two bracelets that scream out – we’re a couple. Be creative about it. The most common way is with two identical bracelets, like this example of the couple who already sleep in the spoons position.

Matching Couple Bracelets - Identical Spoons

Another design option is to create two bracelets that complete each other. Just like you two complete each other. Here is a simple design idea and it can almost anything. Let you designer imagination and love have no boundaries.

Matching Couple Bracelets - Completing Design

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