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Top 10 Engagement Ring Shopping Trends

Wedding rings are more than just a symbol of the love and affection a person has for their significant other, they’re also a fashion statement. Women don’t want just any old sparkly thing anymore; they want something that reflects their personality, their sense of fashion, and their individual style. 

2020 has brought a whole host of new engagement ring trends, allowing brides to step outside of the traditional classic choices and get something more exciting and suited specifically to their personality. 

Here are the top 10 engagement ring trends of 2020 that we’ve noticed so far. 

1. Fancy Cut Diamond Rings

The most popular cut for a diamond is known as round brilliant. This type is seen most of the time in television shows and movies. Any cut that is outside of this particular shape is known as a fancy cut

The fancy cut allows for a more custom shape to the diamond such as a heart or an emerald. This is a fun way to be unique and to show personality. It also typically happens to be quite a bit less expensive than the classic round brilliant diamond cut. 

2. Emerald Diamond Rings

Emeralds are the statement of peace, calm, serenity, and new beginnings. They are bright green gemstones that are simply breathtaking to behold. The green of an emerald comes in several different shades, so matching the shade to a specific skin tone is quite simple. 

3. Vintage Diamond Rings

Victorian art has made a huge comeback in the engagement ring market. Any ring with an art deco-style is considered in this category. These rings have an heirloom quality that make them appear as if they’ve been in the family for generations and will continue to be in the family for generations to come. 

4. Rose Cut Diamond Rings

Rose cut rings resemble the shape of a rosebud. They are flat on the bottom and have a domed shape to their top. These rings were very popular way back in the 1500s, and they are currently making a huge comeback six hundred years later. One of the nice features of this style of ring is that the diamond looks larger because of the flat bottom. 

5. Hidden Halo Diamond Rings

This ring is literally a hidden gem. From the top of the ring, there appears to be only one diamond, but when viewed from the side, it can be seen that the ring has an entire halo of diamonds surrounding it for an incredible effect. 

6. Two-Stone Diamond Rings

Another new trend that is very big right now is rings with two diamonds instead of just one. These rings are also known as “Toi et Moi” rings because, in French, this means “You and Me.” The diamonds represent the two souls being joined and becoming one, a wonderfully romantic sentiment.

7. Three-Stone Diamond Rings

This type of engagement ring has been very popular ever since Meghan Markle was seen sporting one when she became engaged to Prince Harry. This ring is incredible to behold with so much sparkle and shine due to the diamonds reflecting off one another. 

The symbolism behind this trio of diamonds represents the love, friendship, and loyalty that the couple will embark upon. It can also be seen as a couple’s past, present, and future connecting into one. 

8. Oval Shaped Diamond Rings

The oval-shaped engagement ring has been very popular among celebrities as of late. These types of rings are very flattering on the finger due to their thin, rather than round, shape. They also look quite carat-heavy because of the sheer length of the diamond. 

9. Pavé Diamonds with Platinum Settings

The most requested style of engagement ring so far this year has been the platinum setting. This style of ring, with just a plain gold or platinum setting and a pavé diamond on top of it, is a very classic style ring but with a modern update to it to make it a bit more stylish. 

10. Skinny Band Diamond Rings

The most in-demand setting for engagement rings now is the super-skinny band. People love this style right now because it makes the diamond look so big. It is also very stylish by itself and at the same time allows one to stack other rings over it to create unique and fun looks. 

As engagement rings become more of a unique fashion statement and less of a traditional symbol of commitment, these trends will continue to develop. It’s also no longer strange to see a couple going into a diamond shop to pick out the right ring together, ensuring that the bride gets the perfect choice that she’ll love.