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Top 10 Wedding Jewelers

The idea of knowing that the best jeweler is crafting your accessories for your wedding gives it that additional stamp of quality and appeal. Listed below are some of the most famous designers of jewelry that will surely make your wedding day all the more special.


  1. Harry Winston

    This designer was more focused on simple and housing them into customized adornments for that three dimensional look. Amidst the simplicity, the Harry Winston brand creates a more creative standard for pure stones.

  2. Swarovski


    The pioneer of crystal jewelry, this designer creates a fantasy from different cuts of crystal and moulds them into timeless jewelry pieces for all occasions.

  3. Tacori


    For over three decades, the family owned Tacori brand has been in the traditional business of crafting diamond and platinum handcrafted bridal jewelry.

  4. Alberto Bossi


    This Italian brand has the trademark of creating jewelry pieces with bold designs, subtle curves and a variety of precious gemstones to create a unique and feminine look.

  5. Gelin and Abaci


    This designer brand is the pioneer of the Tension Jewelry collection. The specialized metals are applied with specific amounts of pressure to be able to hold precious gemstones. It creates a classic and traditional look for bridal jewelry.

  6. Henri Daussi

    Known as one of the premier European Jewelers, this brand name boasts of jewelries with traditional designs but crafted with modern techniques. It gives the combination of old and new methods of jewelry through its hand crafted pieces.
  7. Verragio


    Over a decade in the business, designer Barry Verragio is known for his innovative and creative designs for engagement rings. This new concept has caught the attention of artistic clients who wish for unique pieces.

  8. Gianmaria Buccellati


    Another family owned brand that gives a touch of aesthetic design for each of their handcrafted jewelry. All the released pieces are designed personally by Gianmaria Buccellati so clients get the assurance of novelty for every piece.

  9. Pascal Lacroix


    The Belgian designer, Lacroix presents a modern and minimlaist twist to traditional jewelry pieces. By making use of specialized alloys and a combination of precious gem stones, each piece is a unique selection.

  10. Masriera


    The only gold and silversmithing company in Spain, this jeweler has been in the business for over two centuries. It’s unique and traditionally handcrafted designs of jewelry still have that touch of perfection and personality.