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Famous Jewelry Designers from around the World

When it comes to jewelry, it is hard to know the designers behind the big brands. Whether they craft rings and bracelets or unique jewelry pieces which no one has heard of before, these guys are the pioneers of jewelry. Working in different places, all over the world, they have collectively revolutionized the jewelry industry and have successfully made a global impact. These are 10 famous jewelry designers from different countries which you should know.

Apart from being famous for their exceptional designs, these famous jewelry designers are known for thinking out of the box, giving their jewelry pieces a life of their own and making their work stand out as completely unique on a global level. The following are among the most famous and renowned jewelry designers in the world, coming from various different places and each one bringing something unique to the table.

1. France: Joel Arthur Rosenthal – JAR

A famous jewelry designer with humble roots, Joel Arthur Rosenthal is considered the Faberge or the Matisse of the modern jewelry world. His creations are not only breathtaking, they are extremely stunning and one of a kind. With virtually no publicity or press releases, Joel Arthur Rosenthal has not only made a name for himself on a global scale but has also garnered an exclusive clientele of billionaires, A-list celebrities and more such as Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Walters, Ann Getty, Elle Macpherson, Mary Pinault and Jo Carole Lauder.

He established his brand, JAR, in 1978, using his initials and has become the most respected and sought-after jewelry designer. His success has allowed him to choose his clients and produce work which is 100% unique in design and style. No two pieces ever look alike and the exquisite pieces he produces are made from a variety of different gemstones and precious metals. Despite his popularity though, JAR remains an exclusive brand and Joel Arthur Rosenthal is a renowned and notorious recluse, with no website and a store in Paris which only opens its doors to a chosen few.

Famous Jewelry Designers 1 - Joel Arthur Rosenthal JAR

Famous Jewelry Designer Joel Arthur Rosenthal – JAR

2. Argentina: Ricardo Basta

Ricardo Basta has been handcrafting jewelry pieces for over 35 years before he eventually launched his signature line in 2004, successfully establishing his brand as well. Established in Argentina, Basta spent a lot of his time working with his uncle where he learnt and developed many of his skills which allows him to produce intricate pieces which are completely unique.

His attention to detail makes his work stand out from the rest and he has received accolades for his work, including the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Spectrum Awards. Additionally, his work has been showcased in high-end and exclusive jewelry showrooms and salons around the world. The beautiful gem work and quality of his work soon won him a clientele of chic socialites and A-list celebrities.

You can take a look at his work and latest collections through his website.

Famous Jewelry Designers 2 - Ricardo Basta

Famous Jewelry Designer Ricardo Basta

3. Austria: Ingo Appelt

Already making a name for himself as a former Winter Olympics bobsledding champion, Ingo Appelt spends his free time crafting amazing jewelry pieces which have gotten a lot of attention over the past few years. The son of a jeweler, Appelt, took over the store in 1992 and has worked hard to show that he is more than an athlete. His sporting background has helped to give him the discipline and concentration to produce amazingly beautiful work.

Based in Austria, Ingo Appelt was slow in garnering attention but over time, his work has garnered the attention of the world. His collection features clean, minimalistic pieces which are aesthetically pleasing and uniquely streamlined. You can take a look at his work and latest collections through his website.

Famous Jewelry Designers 3 - Ingo Appelt

Famous Jewelry Designer Ingo Appelt

4. Brazil: Elizabeth Kimball de Albuquerque Poor

Elizabeth Kimball de Albuquerque Poor, or Kim Poor, as she is commonly known is an artist and designer among the most famous jewelry designers in Brazil. Her artwork has won accolades from all over, with Salvador Dali naming her work a form of ‘Diaphanism.’ Her attention to detail and perfectionism allowed her to produce jewelry pieces that were as beautiful, intricate and detailed as her artwork.

Much like her drawings, the jewelry pieces she produces have more depth to it than meets the eye at first glance. Using her background in art, Poor focused on the nature of the stone and all her work resonates with a certain aura which makes them unparalleled and completely unique. Her jewelry follows the old Brazilian tradition of telling stories and her Brazilian heritage is obvious in every lovely piece of her collection.

You can take a look at her work and latest collections through her website.

Famous Jewelry Designers 4 - Kim Poor

Famous Jewelry Designer Kim Poor

5. Vietnam: Rosalina Tran Lydster

A Vietnamese born jewelry designer, Rosalina Tran Lydster has made a name for herself with her beautiful, intricate pieces. Having received her formal training from the San Francisco State University and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, her pieces range from the extravagant to the minimalist, all custom made to suit the tastes of her clients. Her label was launched in 2001, and the couture pieces featured a seamless blend of precious and semi-precious stones.

The beauty and unique nature of her pieces soon made her one of the most sought-after jewelry designers in Hollywood with A-list celebrities, such as Orlando Bloom, Tom Hanks, Adrien Brody, Elton John, Pamela Anderson, Dakota Fanning and others flocking to her. Her success was apparent by the fact she helped to co-design the crown for the Miss Universe in 2008 and has served as head consultant for the Miss Universe Pageant from 2008 to 2009.

You can take a look at her work and latest collections through her website.

Famous Jewelry Designers 5 - Rosalina Tran Lydster

Famous Jewelry Designer Rosalina Tran Lydster

6. UK: Solange Azagury-Partridge

Based in London, Solange Azagury had an unlikely start in the jewelry designing industry with the first piece she designed, in 1987, being her own engagement ring. Having previously worked as a costume jewelry designer, Solange started to focus on developing her own brand by teaching herself how to craft with precious metals and gemstones.

Internationally, her work has also met with good response with pieces from Solange’s jewelry collection being acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum’s in 2008 to keep as a permanent part of their collection as well. Ever since, her brand has been available as one of the most famous jewelry designers on an international level with various stores in New York, Singapore, London, Hong Kong and Beverly Hills stocking her exquisite, quintessential pieces.

You can take a look at her work and latest collections through her website.

Famous Jewelry Designers 6 - Solange Azagury-Partridge

Famous Jewelry Designer Solange Azagury

7. China: Wallace Chan

Wallace Chan had a humble start in jewelry designing, in 1974, in a gemstone shop. It took 13 years of hard work for him to produce the ‘Wallace Cut’. By 1987, Wallace Chan used the cut to craft jewelry pieces which glimmered with a life of its own.

By the time Wallace Chan chose to establish his brand in Hong Kong, he was already making waves on a global level, crafting some of the most sought-after and finest pieces of jewelry in the world. His success and expertise were such that by 2012, he was considered a master craftsman of his art and was the first Asian to be invited to the world-famous Biennale des Antiquaries, in order to exhibit his work in Paris.

You can take a look at his collections by visiting his website.

Famous Jewelry Designers 7 - Wallace Chan

Famous Jewelry Designer Wallace Chan

8. Hong Kong: Marielle Byworth

Marielle Byworth established her brand, in 2008 after coming to Hong Kong. Over the years, her brand ‘Marjoli’ has grown to be counted among one of the best recognized with many famed celebrities like Kate Moss, Madonna and many more seeking out her pieces. Moreover, Marjoli has evolved from being a simple brand to one which is worn by everyone, from the streets of Hong Kong to the Cannes red carpet. Marjoli has specializes in making custom pieces, ensuring each piece is unique to suit the tastes of individual clients.

You can take a look at Marielle Byworth’s collections at her website.

Famous Jewelry Designers 8 - Marielle Byworth

Famous Jewelry Designer Marielle Byworth

9. India: Amrita Singh

Based in India, Amrita Singh produces amazing pieces which are a perfect fusion of exotic Eastern and Western designs. This amazing combination has proven a huge success making Amrita Singh’s jewelry pieces among the most popularly worn by celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Blake Lively, and others.

Before establishing her brand, Amrita Singh worked alongside renowned famous jewelry designers like Christian Lacroix and Oscar de la Renta. Her work experience, training and natural understanding of design concepts allowed her work to have a completely unique quality to them. She has also been the recipient of many awards for her collections which marry classic concepts with modern techniques. You can take a look at her work and her collections by visiting her website.

Famous Jewelry Designers 9 - Amrita Singh

Famous Jewelry Designer Amrita Singh

10. Poonam Soni

Another famous designer, Poonam Soni is India’s first conceptual designer. Her work begins on paper before it is transformed into a piece of art. Established in 1989, her work was unique from the start, catching the eyes of many global personalities. By 2000, Poonam Soni had won the De Beers International Millennium Award.

After that, the brand’s popularity grew by leaps and bounds with many famous jewelry outlets like Chopard and Harry Winston being present at her exhibition in Burj Al Arab. Eventually, Poonam Soni has become a brand synonymous with high quality pieces which have a life of their own.

You can take a look at her work and her collections by visiting her website.

Famous Jewelry Designers 10 - Poonam Soni

Famous Jewelry Designer Poonam Soni

Famous Jewelry Designers: More from the Jewelrista

While there are more famous designers and this list does not encompass them all, these are definitely among the cream of the crop and their collections are far from complete. Whether they make custom pieces or showcase their work as an exhibition, their jewelry pieces have the power to attract thousands of people from all over the globe to come and get a glimpse of their work.

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