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Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas

Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas

Christmas jewelry gift ideas don’t have to be very expensive and planned months ahead. Even in the last minute, you can order online great jewelry gifts, with a touch of the Christmas season. To help you choose, we browsed through hundreds of optional gifts on Etsy and picked 10 handmade jewelry pieces, all under $130. You can also scroll down to watch this list in a short video. Happy Holidays!

1. Reindeer Earring

These adorable silver reindeer earring combines the seasonal spirit with a simple stylish look. Despite the high-end look, they cost only $130 (and they are the most expensive item on this list).
Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas Reindeer Earrings

2. Santa Bracelet

In fact, Santa is not depicted on this cute Santa Bracelet, and still it holds the Santa spirit very nicely. For $25, it’s a nice little handmade gift idea for Christmas.
Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas Santa Bracelet

3. Peppermint Earrings

From all the 10 Christmas jewelry gift ideas listed here, these Peppermint Earrings are my favorite. I’m not even sure why, but I think that I’m going to spend the $25 price tag and take them home with me.
Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas Peppermint Earrings

4. Miniature Christmas Tree Ring

Clearly, I had to include a Christmas tree somewhere, and this Miniature Christmas Tree Ring encapsulates the concept beautifully. Gentle funny ring for $20 only. Nice.
Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas Miniature Christmas Tree Ring

5. Ginger Bread Bracelet

Another heartwarming seasonal item is sweetly intuined into this gotta-have-it Ginger Bread Bracelet. For as low as $31, this is a cute piece of jewelry for a younger friend.
Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas Ginger Bread Bracelet

6. Ginger Bread Earrings

While you already have a Christmas appetite, consider these little Ginger Bread Earrings as well. They cost only $4.99, so you can add them on top of another present, to complete the package.
Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas Ginger Bread Earrings

7. Santa Necklace

Dear Santa, can you please define good? This is the funniest item on this list of Christmas jewelry gift ideas. For $12.50, this pendant can add a smile to any gift.
Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas Santa Necklace Define Good

8. Snowflake Ring

For Christmas and the entire winter, this silver Snowflake Ring is a nice gift idea. The humble price tag is $25.
Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas Snowflake Ring

9. Reindeer Pendant

The designer called this Reindeer Pendant “awesome antique Christmas jewelry” and I couldn’t agree more. It looks almost like fine jewelry and yet is costs $12 only. Nice, right?
Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas Reindeer Pendant

10. Red Ornament Necklace

Finally, to complete the list of Christmas jewelry gift ideas, this Red Ornament Necklace actually looks like jewelry. For $45 and a last minute order, this handmade jewelry is a very nice gift and I can imagine it would attracat attention at least during the holidays.
Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas Red Ornament Necklace

Short Video of the Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas

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