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Flower Earrings for the Coming Spring

Flower Earrings

The spring is coming and with it the blossom of flowers. If you want to refresh yourself or a friend with some spring inspired jewelry, think flowers. These are 5 pairs of beautiful flower earrings. Happy Spring!

#1 The Antique Earring Style

Flower Earrings 1 - Pearls and Gold

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store features this elegant design of flower earrings. It is based on a jeweled forget-me-not flower of gold, diamonds, turquoise, and nephrite, resting in a rock crystal vase filled with “water.” This beautiful pair of earrings was designed by the jewelry workshop of Peter Carl Fabergé (Russian, 1846–1920). The surprising price is $65 only.

#2 The Diamond Version of Flower Earrings

Flower Earrings 2 - Diamonds

Designed by Hearts On Fire (site), this pair of flowery earrings is blessed with diamonds. The price tag is naturally high and depends on the stone.

#3 Expensive Pair of Spring Earrings

Flower Earrings 3 - Sapphire and Diamond

Jewelry designer Seaman Schepps indivdialluy sign each numbered pair of these magnificent flower designer earrings. Clematis flower earrings, mounted in 18k gold, composed of hand-carved rock crystal backed with mother-of-pearl petals set with sapphire and diamond cluster centers. Enjoy the beauty and don’t bother visiting the Betteridge site unlenss you’re willing to depart of $10,000.

#4 Flowery Earrings featuring Swarovski crystals

Flower Earrings 4 - Swarovski

Still very bright and shiny, but with a more reasonable price tag, take a close look at this flowery pair of earrings. Jewelry Designer Miriam Haskell has her team send a certificate of authenticity with each pair. The Russian gold plated pansy filigree with hand-wired pave Swarovski crystals are priced at $280.

#5 Low Cost Spring Earrings

Flower Earrings 5 - Low Cost Studs

And finally, for the low budget option, this pair Red Poppy Flower Earrings is handmade and sold on Etsy for $8.90. Not a bad option for some spring online jewelry shopping.

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