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Ring Tattoo – Is it a Jewelry?

Ring Tattoo – Is it a Jewelry?

Dining at a new Vietnamese restaurant, I noticed an interesting ring on our nice waitress. Notice the star on her finger? Take a close look first.

Ring Tattoo - Star Ring Tattoo - Jewelrista

It was a ring tattoo. It looked very nice on her. She loved it. I couldn’t help but think – is it a piece of jewelry? Generally, I’m not a big fan of tattoos. I think anyone who loves fashion understands that trends come and go. So it feels wrong to choose an item permanently. But I seem to in a minority here. Tattoos are everywhere.

So if a tattoo is placed on a finger, is it considered a ring? Can you call the tattoo master a jewelry designer? Good question, not sure that there is a right or wrong answer.

It looks like one of the most common forms of ring tattoos is as a replacement for wedding rings. Yes, some couples defy the divorce statistics and tattoo their wedding rings. Why not?

Ring Tattoo Design Ideas

With our waitress, these are 10 photos of ring tattoo design ideas.

Wedding ring tattoos do make you think about eternity.
Ring Tattoo 1 - Wedding Ring Tattoos

The design of wedding ring tattoos is flexible, and yet it stay forever.
Ring Tattoo 2 - Tribal Wedding Ring Tattoos

If any, I like the concept of a ring tattoo that needs completion with the couple together.
Ring Tattoos 3 - Completing Wedding Ring Tattoos

Celtic design is also common in ring tattoos (even more when it’s around the arm, not finger).
Ring Tattoo 4 - Celtic Ring Tattoos

There are also designs of identical or matching tattoos. Could be a cute idea.
Ring Tattoos 5 - Matching Ring Tattoos

Challenging the concept of tattoo jewelry, here is a diamond ring tattoo.
Ring Tattoo 6 - Diamond Ring Tattoos

Infinity ring tattoo design.
Ring Tattoos 7 - Infinity Ring Tattoos

The tattoo can be on the inside of the finger’s ring area.
Ring Tattoo 8 - Inside Ring Tattoos

Naturally, there are also heart ring tattoos.
Ring Tattoos 9 - Heart Ring Tattoos

And finally, for number 10, here is a simple band ring tattoo.
Ring Tattoo 10 - Simple Band Tattoo

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