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The BON-BON Collection by Jewelry Designer Nanis

The BON-BON collection has re-emerged with a splendid array of new colors. The beauty of Bon-Bon is further demonstrated through the introduction of 3 new sub-collections.

A Ring from The BON-BON Collection

A Ring from The BON-BON Collection

Bon-Bon White – Where white gold intensifies the light of diamonds, lending itself particularly well to the rare beauty of amethyst and elegance of rutilated quartz.

Bon-Bon Yellow – A hot mix of yellow gold, smoky and lemon quartz, citrine and brown diamonds.

Bon-Bon Pink – Jewelry with subtle pastel overtones, rose gold surrounded by soft pink quartz, lavender amethyst and vivid pink sapphires.

To learn more about The Bon-Bon Collection, visit Nanis.