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The Leafwork Collection by Jewelry Designer Anat Gelbard

LEAFWORK – new collection

It is important to examine the new collection in relation to the existing one since they both complete each other. These two collections are made of 22-karat gold and yet are very different in character.

While the existing one is characterized with massivity, weight and chunkiness in an indented finish, which receives its finesse through its complex textures,

The new collection is characterized with a kind of lightness, movement and flicker. The collection is composed of a variety of meticulously designed elements in their cut, size and the dynamic generated by their interweaving.

22 Karat Leafwork Jewelry Collection By Anat Gelbard

22 Karat Leafwork Jewelry Collection By Anat Gelbard

The elements are imprinted with different textures, which form a subtle play of light on the gently scratched gold surface finish.

The elements are connected by various techniques each to form a different language of movement and occurrence.

There are items in the collection which posses a kind of a free ’messy’ feel to them, and others constructively planned to create a more organized spatial form with a kinetic quality.

The elements are built in multi levels, which add depth to each piece. The new collection is partially set with tiny diamonds, which emphasize this kinetic quality and contribute to the flicker.

Until recently I have been identified with the existing collection which consists of sub groups, that were formed in time, each characterized by its own motif. It was important for me to create a collection, which speaks a new language yet, holds on to the material and my personal signature.

To create a theme which completes and works together with the existing collection, different as it may be. Each item of the latest collection can be worn alongside one of the first collection.

As for influences, the first collection draws from primitive and ancient cultures, the Etruscan, African, Japanese and Byzantine in it is design and traditional techniques, which I tried to maintain in my work.

The new collection is more contemporary in its look and work methods. Tools and instruments were custom made in order to create unique cuts and imprints exclusively for this collection.

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