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Diamonds by Jewelry Designer Lenti Villasco

Dedication to excellence is behind the company’s decision to maintain direct control over every aspect of its creations. From the rigorous choice of gems and the designs that brilliantly enhance their beauty, to expertise in every phase of manufacture and fanatical attention to detail.

Each jewel is produced in the finest goldsmith’s tradition, while satisfying state-of-the-art production standards, and is constantly monitored and tested using the latest and most selective processes.

To ensure a superior level of certification, five separate quality controls are effected: Wax model air bubble control, Mounting gold porosity control, Stones setting control, Polishing control, Rhodium control.

The degree of purity and quality of precious stones are the subject of precise classifications, but only an expert eye can fully recognise their beauty and evaluate them with respect to their subsequent use. Lenti Villasco selects only those stones that it considers worthy of its jewels.

The perfect harmony of the cut, vital in restoring light to best effect and bringing out the true value of the stone, is one of the principal selection criteria for diamonds.

Loose Diamonds from Lenti Villasco

Loose Diamonds from Lenti Villasco

In the case of coloured diamonds, Lenti Villasco favours natural hues, preferring not to tamper artificially with chromatic effects.

Their origins are also checked: the diamonds are guaranteed “conflict free” and are always from legitimate sources. They are purchased directly from the main production centres, at the best rates on the market.

Diamond Necklace by Lenti Villasco

Diamond Necklace by Lenti Villasco

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