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The Classic Collection by Jewelry Designer Laura Marshall

The Classic Collection

Timeless beauty and craftsmanship, made to be treasured from one generation to the next.
Pieces made with swarovski crystal, high cut semi-precious stones, pearls and sterling silver.

Exquisite, brilliant and beautiful.

Smokey Quartz and Bali Silver Necklace By Laura Marshall

Smokey Quartz and Bali Silver Necklace By Laura Marshall


“Laura made turquoise earrings for my wedding, and that was all the jewellery that I needed because they were so stunning and perfect.”
Tanya Wood, Canmore, AB

“I have a piece of Laura Marshall jewelery and I have to admit that nothing goes quite as well with my green shirt as her necklace. Its gorgeous and I get comments on it all the time. I gave my mom a piece of Laura Marshall for her birthday and its one of her most striking pieces… she also gets great comments on it all the time. Laura might be one of the Bow Valleys best kept secrets. Shhh…”
Sarah Elmeligi, Canmore, AB

“Laura made custom jewellery for my wedding last year. She did an amazing job It was absolutely stunning. She took great care in making sure that it reflected my personality and style. I have worn the jewellery to a few other functions since and always get people asking about it. Thanks for doing such a great job Laura.”
Kristen Johnson, Canmore, AB

“I have been most impressed with the quality and the uniqueness of the
pieces that Laura has made for me. Please count me in as a regular customer.”
Susan, Canmore, AB

“Laura made beautiful custom necklaces for my bridal party and myself. My necklace was very elegant, a twist of pearls which she incorporated my Grandmother’s pearls into and it featured a green crystal to match the colour highlights in my dress. My bridal party wore very classy large pearl necklaces. Laura’s creative work added such a fine touch.”
Denise Scammell, Calgary, AB

“Laura made me a lovey pair of Jade earrings for my birthday. They are stunning and when I wear them, I always receive nice compliments. Laura Marshall pieces are beautiful and unique.”
Jennifer Stermann, Canmore, AB

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