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Loose Diamonds by Jewelry Designer Amadena

More than a billion years ago, 200km south of the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories, diamonds formed deep beneath the earth’s surface. The first traces of these diamonds were discovered beneath Lac de Gras in 1991. By 2003, Rio Tinto opened the Diavik diamond mine. Diavik diamonds are brought to the surface by three diamond-rich kimberlite pipes which extend to a depth of eighty-five stories. An awesome task, each ton of ore extracted yields a mere 3.9 carats of diamonds. The Diavik diamond mine will yield over 6 million carats per year and will remain productive for approximately the next two decades.

Loose Diamonds By Amadena

Loose Diamonds By Amadena

Amadena Jewelry Shows:

IIJS Signature
Goa- India
Booth # 121, 122
February 29- March 3, 2008
www. iijs-signature.org

AGS Conclave
Seattle, Washington
April 9-12, 2008

Find us in the show directory under Trans American Co/Amadena.
JCK Las Vegas Show
Booth #12141
May 30- June 3, 2008
Featuring Amadena Diamonds and the launch of the Fine
Jewelry Cushion Collection and the Couture Bridal Collection.

Mumbai – India
Booth # 6R087 (Hall 6)
August 7 – 11 , 2008

Mumbai – India
Booth # 5P097, 5N098 (Hall 5)
August 6 – 10 , 2009

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