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Firouzeh Collection by Jewelry Designer Touran Reddaway

Jewellery is one of the oldest and finest art forms: often symbolic, always embedded in a culture and undeniably designed to enhance and flatter.

British jewellery designer, Touran Reddaway, has drawn on the beauty of the finest Byzantine and Persian treasures to create the Firouzeh range – a collection of handmade 18-carat gold jewellery that combines symbolic forms from old customs and beliefs with a modern collection of exquisite designs.

Firouzeh Collection Earrings By Touran Reddaway

Firouzeh Collection Earrings By Touran Reddaway

The name Firouzeh is a combination of Touran’s mother’s Iranian family name and the Farsi for turquoise, the semi-precious stone favoured in Eastern jewellery as a symbol of happiness and health.

Every piece has a story behind it, whether inspired by a particular treasure, place or ancient tale which has captured Touran’s imagination and passion for history. Through the collection, Touran hopes to bring to a wider audience a side of Iranian and Byzantine culture which is often forgotten amongst the current turmoil in the region; the rich history, creativity and art which were born there.

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