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Diamond Drop Earrings By Jewelry Designer Catherine Angiel

Catherine Angiel’s edgy rock ‘n’ roll jewelry invades Beverly Hills. After more than a decade exclusively in Greenwich Village, the heart of New York City, Catherine Angiel’s rocker chic designs are being brought to the West Coast by Neiman Marcus.

Angiel ripped through all boundaries of convention and fad with her edgy, punk inspired creations. Being the first designer to create and design with Black Diamonds, she created a style all her own; Gothic Revival with a modern rock twist, completely new to the industry. Her collections run the gamut from sharp edgy styles, to delicate and feminine pieces using moonstones and cabochons highlighting engraved images. Catherine’s use of unique materials such as Black, Brick, Grey and Orange Diamonds in unusual shapes and cuts – coupled with inspirations such as Tattoos and Graffiti Art – have revolutionized her designs, and solidified her as a groundbreaking renegade in the field. Catherine’s pieces are globally recognized and are designed to evoke strong feelings and create powerful statements.

Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamond Drop Earrings

“My philosophy is to change the everyday mundane with a bit of Rock ‘n’ roll by bringing a uniquely cultivated look of edgy elegance,” says Angiel.

With a long and impressive roster of celebrity clientele, and a strong international fan base, it took The Neiman Marcus Group to finally lure Catherine Angiel to the West Coast. “We’ve had lots of offers over the years and it was Neiman Marcus’ strong commitment to quality, and their longstanding reputation of integrity with clients that spoke to me”.

To learn more about these earrings, visit Catherine Angiel.