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Wood Earrings by Jewelry Designer Alexandra Amaro

Zambeze Earrings | sandalwood + green tourmaline

A contemporary twist on one of Africa’s favorite designs, an oversized sandalwood disc is accented by a cluster of sophisticated green tourmaline in a mix of hues from olive to seaweed..

The sandalwood discs were made in Mozambique by a community artisan named Sr. José. Each one is hand-turned and polished to a soft shine, bringing out the beautiful veining in the wood. The sandalwood still retains its characteristic perfume, a reminder of this wood’s tropical origin.

Length: 3″ (7.6 cm) including handmade sterling silver earwires. Sandalwood disc measures about 1 7/8″ (5 cm) in diameter.

The clusters at the bottom of the disc can be customized using different gemstones, pearls or metal beads. Please contact me if you are interested.

Wood Earrings By Alexandra Amaro

Wood Earrings By Alexandra Amaro

Alexandra Amaro Jewelry is committed to upholding Fair Trade practices and to acquiring gemstones, metals and other materials from the most eco-friendly, ethical and quality-conscious sources available.

Mozambique Island Trade Beads

I purchase these special trade beads directly from the local boys who collect them on the beaches of Mozambique Island. While many visitors to the Island try to “bargain down” the bead sellers, I pay a fair price, recognizing the trade beads’ historical value, as well as the fact that many times this is the only income an entire family depends upon for survival. Sadly, there will come a day when the Mozambique Island trade beads are no longer available; until then, I hope that by paying a fair price to the bead boys I can make a small difference in their lives.

Krobo Beads

The colorful recycled glass Krobo beads used in my jewelry come from Soul of Somanya, an organization dedicated to supporting artisans in Ghana, many of whom are young orphans. Soul of Somanya provides training and sustainable employment opportunities in jewelry and bead-making, and helps these artisans establish market linkages to sell their products.

African Hardwood Components

The hardwood discs and beads I use in my designs are custom-made by artisans in Nampula and Maputo Provinces (Mozambique). In a country known for its fine woodworkers, these artisans depend on their craft not only to make a living but to preserve the culture and traditions of their communities. I purchase solely from woodworkers who respect Mozambique’s forest resources, and take pride in paying a fair price for their products.

Gemstones and Metals

I strive to source gemstones only from ethical, conflict-free sources. All of the gemstones I use in my work are from suppliers accredited by the Gemological Institute of America or an equivalent international body. I purchase recycled metals whenever possible, and recycle my own silver and gold-filled scraps.

To learn more about these wood earrings, visit Alexandra Amaro.