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Angara Jewelry Coupons from The Gemstone Destination

Angara Online Jewelry Store

We continue our journey here at Jewelrista with review of leading online jewelry stores and this time land at Angara, a specialty designer jewelry store with focus on gemstones. In one word, beautiful. All items are high end and while gemstone jewelry comes with a price, Angara’s jewelry are priced reasonably. And we also got you some Angara jewelry coupons! (see below)

Last Minute Valentine Day Gift Coupon

Before we continue, it’s the last day to order a jewelry gift for Valentine’s Day from Angara… Click on the banner and notice the coupon code:

The Angara Story

Angara is a word in ancient Sanskrit that means “the fire within.” Angara tell a story of generations of generations in jewelry and deep roots in gemstone cutting, polishing and design. They specialize in Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tanzanites, Diamonds and other precious gemstones.

Blue Lagoon Drop Earrings

Browsing through the extensive gemstone jewelry catalog, our eyes fell and couldn’t move on from these magnificent drop earrings ($1,499 in 14K White Gold):

Angara Lagoon Drop Earrings

Angara Lagoon Drop Earrings

Angara’s Exotic Drop Earrings’ collection is inspired by citrusy hues and jewel tones. The faceted semi-precious drops are very red-carpet and bohemian, complementing any attire, from evening gowns to denims. Whether worn with a sleek bun or a messy ponytail, the baubles instantly glamorize any outfit! Chic and classy, these ‘exotic drop earrings’ are wardrobe must-haves!

Angara Jewelry Coupons

The good news is that we’ve managed to get you some serious discounts for Angara’s gemstone jewelry – check out these Angara jewelry coupons. Please notice the coupon codes to use, to your preference. As always, we don’t hide the fact that if you do buy through these links, Jewelrista may earn an affiliate fee, but as you can see – we stand behind this recommendation, and also, these coupons do present real discounts for our readers.

Ruby Jewelry

Just before closing this short review, we couldn’t resist giving you another taste of Angara’s gemstone jewelry with these delicious looking Ruby jewelry items:

Angara Ruby Jewelry

Angara Ruby Jewelry


Want even more? Visit the Angara website – click on the banner: