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18KT White Gold Love Earrings By Jewelry Designer Cartier

18KT White Gold Hoop Earrings

Everybody remembers the 1970s bracelet which could only be opened with a tiny screwdriver. All jewellery variations on this theme are tokens of LOVE.

18KT White Gold Love Earrings

18KT White Gold Love Earrings

Since its establishment in 1847, the House of Cartier has kept alive its precious, creative tradition of handcrafted pieces, which reinforces Cartier’s timeless jewelry creations, handed down from generation to generation.

But of course, your jewels live with you. They are inevitably exposed to weather, pollution, knocks and different forms of contact, including contact with your skin.

Because they are precious and you cherish them, they deserve your full care. By following a few simple care tips, you will keep your jewelry pieces in excellent condition for years to come.

Creations acquired from non-authorized dealers or a website other than Cartier.com are not guaranteed authentic creations by Cartier.

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