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Sapphire Gemstones By Jewelry Designer Richard Krementz

Sapphire amazes us with its beauty, especially when it is a magnificent star or true padparadscha like the ones pictured at left.

It is always an incredible challenge to find the finest of these rare and unusual gems. They are extremely elusive and unique.

Sometimes, when we are fortunate enough to come upon them, we will create classic pieces for them so that they are the stars of the design.

Richard Krementz Sapphire Gemstones

Richard Krementz Sapphire Gemstones

We are proud to feature sapphires cut by one of the world’s finest master gem cutters, Phillip Youngman.

Youngman-cut gems are unmistakable. They are much more brilliant, scintillating with incredible fire from within. Phillip is more than a master cutter: he is an artist that lures the inherent beauty from each gem that he touches.

Phillip developed what was to become his signature style, cutting gems with the same level of precision typically used with diamonds. This was so unique and unprecedented in the gem world that it created a sensation, influencing cutters worldwide. Phillip’s faceting style results in unrivaled brilliance, especially on a gem’s crown and pavilion.

Phillip has won two Best of Show and several Cutting Edge awards in the American Gem Trade Association’s annual Spectrum competition, most recently in 2007.

To learn more about these sapphires, visit Richard Krementz.