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Gauri and Radhika Tandon

There are not many people among us who can say they do not have a thing for Indian styled jewelry. The sheer exquisiteness of Indian jewelry is and has been forever unmatched. Maybe, this is because when we think of Indian jewelry, our minds instantly direct us to the era of the Mughals and their lavish golden adornments. Now, would it be possible to get that kind of jewelry in Los Angeles? Yes! Thanks to two very talented women, Gauri and Radhika Tandon, you can now have the poise of a Mughal Princess, with a twist of modernism.


Isharya came into being when the two sisters-in-law realized there was no Indian styled jewelry in L.A. and it was something that needed to be amended immediately. That is when the ultimate fusion revolution started. Since then, Isharya has been worn by several super stars on the Red Carpet including Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson.

They have taken on highly skilled methods of craftsmanship that lend inexplicable boldness to every design. The main theme of this line can be seen from any one piece; simply bold and beautiful. Most items are made of 18 karat gold and include bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and much more. This brand introduced the beauty of traditional designs to the L.A. scene and then took it up a notch by making designs which combined both tradition and modern looks. It truly has something for every woman out there.


The collections are named just as interestingly. They are; Abalone, Royal Filigree, Ode to Orchid, Goddess, Pyramid Lux, Bollywood Glam, Modern Maharani, Mughal Maharani, Gem rocks, Serpent Druzy, and The Vault. Each collection has a voice of its own. The Maharani collections pay tribute to the fanciful Mughals, while Bollywood glam showcases styles of jewelry that can be seen on many Bollywood beauties. The cuffs are an accessory most widely played around with in shape and form in almost all of the collection. You can choose the stones and materials you would like to have and pick a piece out accordingly. The Trends and Gift sections also allow one to buy jewelry for specific occasions.