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Top 10 Engagement Ring Designs

Engagement rings have always been a very important part of the wedding package. Here is a list of some of the latest and top trends of engagement ring designs.

  • Heart Shape Engagement Ring(Kay Jewelers)3-1What better way to convey your love than with a heart shaped stone in an engagement ring? This new shape is a very good choice for the unconventional couple who wants a unique kind of ring for their engagement.
  • Emerald Cut Engagement Ring (Vera Wang)3-2This unique engagement ring with a rectangular cut stone gives that classic and traditional appeal to the engagement ring. This one from Vera Wang’s LOVE Collection gives the appeal of a simple yet elegant piece for your engagement.
  • Oval Cut Engagement Ring (Simon G)3-3Instead of the usual circular cut rings, this oval cut from Simon G gives a twist from the conventional. It’s modern enough to look cool, but it also retains that traditional and classic look.
  •  Pear Cut Engagement Ring (Mark Broumand) 3-4The feminine and traditional look of the pear shaped cut stone never goes out of style. It is still one of the most famous designs for engagement rings all over the world. This piece by Mark Broumand is the epitome of simplicity and elegance in design standard.
  •  Cushion Cut Engagement Ring (Jeff Cooper)3-5This one is definitely a classic in its own right. One of the most popular cuts of all time, the cushion cut design is a good choice for the traditional couple in love. This design by Jeff Cooper shows how classic and modern can converge into one piece.
  •  Double Halo Engagement Rings (Monique Lhuillier)3-6For fans of the Halo design, this new double halo definitely presents itself as another trend to look up to. This Princess Cut Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring gives a bigger and  impression because of the two tiered halo.
  • Marquise Cut Engagement Ring (Leo Schachter)3-7This engagement ring design puts another twist yet again to the common oval and pear shaped cut. With two pointed ends as seen from this ring by Leo Schachter, this ring type is definitely a more modern take.
  • Floral Engagement Ring (Monique Lhuillier) 3-8Floral inspired engagement rings are one of the top trends now. With its classic twist design, coupled with the innovative and elemental floral carving gives the whole piece an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Asscher Cut Engagement Ring (Frank Reubel Designs)3-9Asscher cut rings proves to be a good selection for couples who want to be unique. It’s square but with softer sides so it somehow gives the impression of femininity, only a bit tougher like this ring from Frank Reubel Designs.
  • Round Cut Engagement Ring

    What is more traditional than round cut stones? This is one style that never goes out because it’s clean, solid and beautiful in its simplicity as exemplified by this piece from Gemvara.