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Danielle Stirling Jewelry Designer

My name is Danielle Stirling, and I am a Canadian jewelry designer from Calgary, Alberta. I have been creating things for as long as I can remember, but jewelry and beads have always been a big part of the mix. My first jewelry business was called “Dan and Pats'” when I was in grade 6. My friend Patty and I would get together after school, looming bracelets with seed beads, creating friendship bracelets from emroidery thread and we “invented”:) friendship pins, which were a bunch of tiny saftey pins hanging from one large one, with a pattern of seed beads that would create a shape when hung together. We’d set up shop at lunch and sell our bracelets for 15-20 cents a piece.

Fall Flower Pendant
This pendant is made with designer paper and glass and is sealed with a non toxic jewelry glaze for shine and durability. It has been finished with a silver plated chain bail.

Necklace By Elle Jule Jewelry

Necklace By Elle Jule Jewelry

Chain may be purchased seperately.

Pendant measures 2″ in diameter.

The glaze provides water resistence but this pendant should not be worn swimming or in the shower as it is not entirely waterproof.

This being said, this is a sturdy piece of jewelry that is great for everyday wear. As an Elle Jule one of a kind piece, it has been made with attention to detail and careful assembly to ensure durability.

In the next year, I started working with Polymer clay, and making my own beads for interchangable bead necklaces.

Since then, my passion for jewelry has grown into something that is a very satisfying part of my life. In the beginning of 2006, I officially turned my passion into a business. Since then I have been focused on expanding my skill and have recently started lampworking.

I draw inspiration from almost everywhere, but there are some central themes that are pretty constant. The first is fairy lore; I have always loved fairy books and pictures, and enjoy creating pieces that reflect the whimsical nature of them.

There are many other themes that inspire me, but the closest to my heart is God . Without God, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be doing what I love, and I enjoy creating pieces to honor his gift of Salvation in Salvation Bracelets.

I am a self representing jewelry artist which means that I create all off my jewelry myself from materials that have been handpicked from responsible suppliers that practice fair trade and provide good working conditions and fair pay to their employees.

I hope you enjoy my store, information and jewelry designs! Please contact me with any custom design enquiries or comments/questions 🙂

-Danielle Stirling

Website: Danielle Stirling