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Amadena Jewelry Designer

The name Amadena is synonymous with finely cut diamonds from Canada. As an established Mine-to-Market leader, Amadena brings Canadian diamonds from their rough essence to the retail market, providing both finely cut loose diamonds and fine jewelry collections. Every diamond holds the story of its journey from birth to polished realization – an Amadena diamond tells a story that is certified pure in both quality and conscience.

Amadena Diamonds

Amadena Diamonds

The Certificate of Canadian Origin authenticates Canada as the birthplace of every Amadena diamond. It warranties that every diamond complies with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct and the

Kimberley Process.
All diamonds are laser inscribed with a unique Diamond Identification Number (DIN) which serves as a birthmark. The DIN tracks the journey from original rough weight to final polished weight and proves the Canadian identity of each diamond.

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