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Laura Marshall Jewelry Designer

Jewellery is art to decorate the body and uplift the soul. This is the design philosophy of Laura Marshall, who’s love for fashion and art has lead her to jewellery design. Looking at Laura’s work, you can see her inspiration – from the diverse cultures discovered in her travels, to the magnificent colours of nature surrounding her everyday in Canmore, Alberta.

Laura’s approach to jewellery design is unique. By combining her intrinsic use of colour with texture she creates a broad spectrum of pieces that range from delicate and refined to powerful and bold. Her love for turquoise and its raw beauty can be noticed throughout each collection. Each piece is crafted with care and the same attention to detail is given to each element.

The Classic Collection is an elegant and radiant line mainly using Swarofski crystal, pearl, peridot, garnet and quartz. Colours are soft, beads are high cut, pieces are timeless and classic.

Tibetan Turquoise & Bali Silver Necklace By Laura Marshall

Tibetan Turquoise & Bali Silver Necklace By Laura Marshall

The Organic Collection is “of the earth”, the colours and shapes are bold; each piece makes a statement. The combination of Tibetan turquoise, citrine, coral, lava rock and Bali silver create strong, memorable pieces.

Laura Marshall’s jewellery designs easily appeal across many generations and through an array of personal style. Whatever you choose, it is sure to become one of your favourites. Utterly unique, every piece is as individual as the person wearing it.

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