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Shelly Purdy Jewelry Designer

Established in 1991 in downtown Toronto, Shelly Purdy has branded unmistakable style with outstanding quality. Driven to showcase a superior alternative to the typically massed produced chain store jewellery, Shelly creates precious and original gold and platinum diamond jewellery for like-minded people who appreciate detail and require just a little bit more.

The Royal Marquis Ring is a finalist in the Diamond Category of Canadian Jeweller’s 2011 Excellence in Design Competition! The ring will be showcased at the JCK Toronto show in August and the winners will be announced at the Jeweller’s Ball November 5th. I would like to acknowledge Diamond Industry of Canada for sponsoring my ring in this event!

The Royal Marquis Ring By Shelly Purdy

The Royal Marquis Ring By Shelly Purdy

Do you consider yourself a professional, student or emerging artist. Are you a gallery, school, organization or guild?

In what area of the metal arts do you work?

Tell us about your education. School or self-taught?
Wilfrid Laurier University
Jewellery Arts Program, George Brown College
Self-directed 3 year apprenticeship
Resident of Harbourfront Metal Studio

Share some of your career highlights or goals.
Personal invitation to the Ekati Diamond Mine which is 300 km north of Yellowknife in the NWT, and hearing the stories from the geologists, engineers and people who made it all happen!

Website: Shelly Purdy