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Jessie Turner Jewelry Designer

I am a jeweler who specializes in natural and contemporary forms using silver and gold. Much of my work expands the concept of jewellery as simple adornment to one that encompasses self-expression and purpose.

All things worn can have meaning. We need meaning to fulfill life and create balance, both within, and between, the individual, the community, and the natural world. Jewellery, when created and worn with intention has the ability to empower and connect us with our deeper selves.

My vision is to create unique jewellery that encourages people’s individuality and connection to truth, nature and beauty. Both traditional and contemporary ideas of design guide my innovation and creative fire. Like this piece:

Butterfly Totem Bracelet

Silver Cuff Butterfly Bracelet By Jessie Turner

Silver Cuff Butterfly Bracelet By Jessie Turner

Category: one of a kind pieces

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A silver cuff bracelet graced with a magestic butterfly.

The butterfly speaks to us of metamorphosis and of transformation.

What wild and tender wings are we growing in that dark chrysalis when the outside world seems a world away.

What colour and life will we carry with us when we gracefully unfold.

This bracelet reminds me that within every time of darkness and growing pains there is always an emergence…. sometimes it is one more brilliant than we could have imagined.

This is a one of a kind piece.
it is made of solid sterling silver and accented with patina.
It loosely fits my 5.5inch wrist.

It is made with love to remind me and to remind you of all the beauty you posses.

Originally from the islands of BC’s West Coast, I am now Vancouver based. I received my diploma in Jewellery Art and Design in 2000 and have since studied at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, as well as with local art teachers of different mediums.

My work is sold in stores through out Canada, as well as at select craft shows. Along with being featured in The Georgia Straight and ELLE Canada Magazine, I have also received numerous design awards including an Accessories Designer decoration at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Website: Jessie Turner