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John Hardy Jewelry Designer

John Hardy is a luxury brand of handmade designer jewelry and lifestyle accessories. Founded by John Hardy in 1989, the company is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in New York and Bali. As the first company to offset carbon emissions from its print advertising, business travel and electricity, John Hardy has become a major player in sustainable luxury.

Small Square Ring in Blushing Pink By John Hardy

Small Square Ring in Blushing Pink By John Hardy

John Hardy jewelry is known for its designs in sterling silver and its four traditional Balinese jewelry-making techniques: rantai (woven chain), tenun (woven mesh), jawan (granulation) and ukiran (cut work). The rantai technique is employed for bracelets and necklaces woven in a process that may take several days. Then they are shaped and annealed by heating and hammering – and finished with clasps in signature motifs, sometimes with gemstones. Another signature of the brand is the back grills – a cut work on the inner surface of the jewelry. The traditional Balinese technique ukiran used to cut-out shapes in the metal, is here employed in both abstract and figurative designs.

The brand also uses the woven mesh technique (tenun) to weave the silver into fine mesh or complex chains and the granulation (jawan} method to flatten metal. Those techniques reflect the craftsmanship of the brand.

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