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Disengo Jewelry Designer

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Exquisitely sculpted and detailed animal and icon jewelry from all continents in sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold.

I started with the Canadian Arctic: the inukshuk, polar bears, narwhals, and seals; moved on to paddling: canoe, kayak, white water, dragon boat paddles and a ‘prospector’- style canoe; then Canada’s west coast: the spirit or Kermode bear, various sea shells from the Queen Charlotte Islands, salmon, red king crab and humpback whales; in between all that there were fleur de lys and maple leaves; and finally I headed south to Antarctica with penguins. My newest foray is the Continental Animals charms, finely carved animals representative of each continent: kangaroo, tiger, sheep, elephant, grizzly bear, alpaca and penguin. Check it out in the Various Animals and Nature category!

Spirit Bear Charm By Disengo

Spirit Bear Charm By Disengo

I believe jewelry is not just a visual pleasure but a tactile one. There is nothing more satisfying than design that incorporates beautiful lines and the feeling of substance. As such, one of the greatest features of both my 18k gold jewelry and my sterling silver jewelry, besides original and custom designs, is the quantity of gold and sterling I use. So the 18k gold rings are solid, not hollowed out, the sterling silver bangles are solid, not hollow wire: if it looks big, it’ll feel big. And following this same philosophy, I use only fine gemstones including quality Canadian ethical diamonds.

I specialize in creating 18k gold custom jewelry. My designs will reflect your needs, your lifestyle. The drawings are very precise and detailed and drawn to scale right down to the quarter millimetre. I will re-draw as needed and you can also see the wax model if necessary. You will know exactly what you are getting before any gold work is done. See Custom Designing under Fine Lines for more details.

It is very, very important to me that my clients are happy with their purchases, be it a custom designed 18k gold pendant or a pair of tiny sterling silver hoops. Over the years they have shown me great loyalty. See the Testimonials page for some of the kind words they’ve written.

I am a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America in jewelry design and an Accredited Jewelry Professional. All of my 18k gold fine jewelry and the sterling silver jewelry is handcrafted in Canada. I’ve also been referred to as a ‘giftologist’ — guys, let me help you choose the perfect gift for your gal.

Welcome to Disegno.

Pamela Coulston

Website: Disengo