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The Best Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Your mother is someone very special and it is important to find the perfect gift for her. You know your own mom better than anyone else so it is important to use what you know about her when selecting her mother’s day present. If you haven’t paid much attention to the jewelry she wears, now is the time to start.

Keep an eye on which types of jewelry she wears, (rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) and also the color of jewelry she wears (yellow gold, white gold etc.). You can also cleverly steal her bracelet or ring size by taking a piece of string and scissors with you and cutting the string to the exact length when she isn’t looking. This way she will be able to wear her mother’s day gift the very day you give it to her rather than waiting for it to be sent to the jewelers to be resized.

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Diamond Charm

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Diamond Charm

Some of the very best mother’s day gift ideas include:

A necklace, bracelet or ring with her children’s birthstones. If she has grandchildren you can also add their birthstones as well. This will give her a constant reminder of her children and grandchildren every time she wears it and it will bring a smile to her face each time she thinks about it.

A bracelet with her favorite gemstone in it is also a great mother’s day gift idea.

Another great gift idea for mother’s day is a necklace that you think fits her personality best. Make sure that it is the length she likes to wear, is made of real sterling silver or gold so that it won’t irritate her skin and has a pendant or decoration that fits her style and personal taste.

A charm bracelet is another great gift idea for mother’s day. You can purchase a bracelet with the charms already complete or you can get her a plain bracelet that is made for attaching charms to. Then each year on her birthday, mother’s day, Christmas or any other special occasion, you can add other charm to her bracelet. She will love to see what clever charms you come up with and she will love to show it off to all her friends.

Mother's Day Jewelry Gold Charm

Mother's Day Jewelry Gold Charm

Earrings might be your mother’s favorite accessory and if they are you can find many different styles and colors as well as types. There are hoop earrings, drop earrings and studs; depending on which type of earring she normally wears or likes to wear, you should be able to find the perfect pair for her.

A watch might be an excellent gift for a mother who’s always on the go. Whenever she looks to see the time she will think of her loving children and want to hurry home to them!

An older mother might love to have a beautiful brooch to pin onto her blouse and show off to all she sees. There are thousands of different styles of brooches and you might choose her favorite gemstone or the gemstones of her children and grandchildren.

A strand of pearls for a necklace or bracelet shows her how much you care; match the color of the pearls to her skin tone and make sure the pearls you get aren’t knock-offs. You might also be able to find a set of pearl jewelry that includes the necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet. It’s best to purchase these all together because it is very hard to match pearls exactly.

Sterling Silver Heart Love Angel Wing Mothers Day Diamond Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Heart Love Angel Wing Mothers Day Diamond Pendant Necklace

Whichever type of jewelry you purchase for your mother, she is bound to love it. You went out of your way to take the time to choose a thoughtful gift from the heart. Each time she opens her jewelry box or wears her jewelry she will think of her wonderful children and how lucky of a mother she is, when really, it’s us children who are the lucky ones!

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