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The Best Birthday Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry comes in many different colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Giving a gift of jewelry to that special someone is a great idea. When you aren’t sure what kind of gemstone the recipient might like, choosing a diamond, their favorite color, or the color of their birthstone. First we’ll go over the different birthstones and their colors and then we’ll give you some excellent ideas for some creative birthday gift ideas.


The birthstone for January is Garnet which is a dark reddish color; purchase this gemstone for those born in January or for those who love the color red! You can find earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets as well as brooches and many other types of jewelry with a Garnet in it.

Yellow Sapphires, Green Garnets, Rubies and Diamond Birthday Cake Charm

Yellow Sapphires, Green Garnets, Rubies and Diamond Birthday Cake Charm


Amethyst is the birthstone for February. This gemstone is a purple crystal color and comes in many different types of jewelry. Purchase this gemstone for your loved one who is born in February or whose favorite color is purple.


The birthstone for the month of March is Aquamarine. For those who love the ocean or an ocean blue color, or for those who were born in March, the Aquamarine gemstone is the perfect choice.


April’s birthstone is a lucky one! Diamonds are the gemstone for those born in April, you can purchase a diamond for anyone for their birthday, but it means even more when it is their birthstone.


The month of May birthstone is a beautiful green. Emerald is perfect for those who love green, who are Irish or who were born in the month of May. You will find many different types of jewelry with beautiful Emerald gemstones in them.


Alexandrite is the gemstone for those born in June. You will find many different shades of Alexandrite which vary from green to red. This unique birthstone is a beautiful gemstone and can be found in necklaces, rings, bracelets and many more.


The July birthstone is also great for those who love red. Purchasing a necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet with the Ruby gemstone is the traditional gift for those who were born in the month of July.


The best gemstone for those who have a birthday in August is Peridot. It is a dark silvery, metal color and looks great with white gold or platinum settings in a ring, necklace, brooch, earrings or bracelet.

Birthday Jewelry Gemstones

Birthday Jewelry Gemstones


For someone who was born in September, you should choose the birthstone Sapphire. Sapphire is normally a dark blue, but there are many lab-created Sapphires in other colors like pink. There is also a Sapphire called the Star Sapphire which is a milky light sky blue color with a star reflection in the center of it.


Opal comes in many different colors; the main ones are black and white. An Opal is a very beautiful gemstone and can work for many different people. Choose this gemstone for those born in October or who loves Opal gemstones.


The month of November has a gemstone called Topaz; this birthstone is a yellow-brown color and is the perfect gift for someone who has a birthday in November.


Tanzanite is the birthstone for December. It is a light blue to teal color and goes wonderfully with both yellow and white gold as well as platinum.

Happy Birthday Jewelry Pocket Watch

Happy Birthday Jewelry Pocket Watch

There are many different options for a birthday present when you want to purchase jewelry for your special someone. A charm bracelet, a charm to add to a charm bracelet, a ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace which includes diamonds and their birthstone is a thoughtful and wonderful gift. If your recipient is an older woman, she might like a brooch to show off on her blouse every day. There are thousands of different ideas for a birthday present for your special someone. Whether they are male or female, you are sure to find the perfect jewelry gift by taking the time to think about your recipient’s personality, style and the jewelry they enjoy.

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