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The Different Designs of Diamond Rings

A diamond ring can have many different designs. The design of the ring is based on the shape of the diamond, any extra elements on the shank (the part that goes around the finger) of the ring, as well as the setting of the ring. When choosing the design of the diamond ring of your choice, you will want to make sure that it will be something the recipient will love, it should match her personality as well as her style.

Diamond shapes:

Cushion (square-like shape with rounded edges)
Marquise (oval-like shape with pointed top and bottom)
Princess (square)
Radiant (square with rounded edges)
Asscher (a square-like shape)
Pear (rounded top and pointed bottom)

Men's Diamond Sunburst Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold

Men's Diamond Sunburst Ring in 14K Two-Tone Gold

The next thing you will need to choose when selecting your perfect diamond ring design is the setting. This consists of the shank and the setting (the part that holds the stone in place) there are many different types of settings and each one can change the overall design of your diamond ring design.

Ring Settings:

Prong (metal like claws)
Invisible (attached with bars and girdles)
Flush (set into the gold and only the top of the gem shows)
Channel (many small gems placed into the shank)
Bezel (somewhat like invisible)
And many more

The third part of your diamond ring design selection is to find out which metal you would like your ring to consist of; this can be sterling silver, yellow or white gold or platinum. The higher the number, the softer the gold will be, but also the more pure it will be. Since 24K gold is too soft to use, a 22K gold ring would be the highest amount of pure gold, but it will also be somewhat softer than an 18K or even 14K gold ring. Anything less than 14K would not be worth purchasing.

Pink Diamond Ring

Pink Diamond Ring

After you’ve chosen your diamond shape, ring setting and metal for the ring you will then begin to select from your shape of diamond. You want the diamond to be rated high (closer to the beginning of the alphabet). A D rating is the highest a diamond can go and these are very rare. Anything from an I up will be the most quality, least amount of color and least amount of blemishes. It will also be cut correctly so that it can show off the sparkle or luster better than a diamond that isn’t cut correctly.

There are thousands of different choices for your diamond ring design; it all really depends on the style and personality of the wearer. If she is spunky and outgoing she might love to have a large ring with many different designs and gems on the ring; a classy and sophisticated woman might like a plain gold or platinum ring with just a large solitaire diamond in the center with possibly some small accent diamonds.

If the diamond ring you are choosing is for an engagement ring and you are unsure of what she will like, you should consider asking her mother or one of her closest friends or sister to come with you shopping. They might know her tastes in jewelry better than you do. Always make sure that you approve of the final choice, you will be the one who will look at the ring every day along with your fiancé and future bride, and you also want to make sure that the ring fits some of your views about her as well.

18k White Gold Black Diamond Panda Bear Ring

18k White Gold Black Diamond Panda Bear Ring

It can be a very trying feat to try to find the perfect design for a diamond ring, having a great jeweler with you to assist you and give you some ideas and helpful tips will be a great entity to have when shopping for that perfect ring for your lady.

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