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The Best Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

If you are at a loss as to what to get your spouse for your anniversary this article will help you choose the best anniversary gift depending on how long you have been married or dating.

If you have been dating for a long enough time and are considering proposing, you will surely get a tearful “yes” if you take the time to remember the anniversary of your first date or the anniversary of your first kiss and use that day to propose romantically with a diamond engagement ring.

Platinum Vintage Diamond Anniverary Ring

Platinum Vintage Diamond Anniverary Ring

For those who aren’t ready to get married or propose, a great anniversary gift idea for your loved one might be a watch, earrings or even a beautiful necklace. Having an item engraved with a special saying or a personal note inside will help your loved one cherish the gift even more.

When you are not sure what to get your husband or wife for your anniversary, you can always revert to the Anniversary Gifts by Year list. Many of the years of marriage gifts on this list are either jewelry or can be with some creativity.

The first anniversary is paper; along with another “real” gift you could make your loved-one a paper jewelry accessory. This will show him or her that you are trying to be romantic and creative, which also shows how much you care.

The second year is cotton, which could easily be made into some type of jewelry like a bracelet or necklace.

The third anniversary customary gift is leather, a nice leather band watch or other jewelry accessory with leather is acceptable.

For your 4th wedding anniversary the customary gift is flowers, you might be able to find a necklace or bracelet with flowers etched into it for a memorable gift.

If you are looking for a customary gift for your 5th wedding anniversary you will be surprised that the traditional gift is wood. There are many beads that are made with wood, so you should be able to find a necklace or bracelet with wooden beads.

Eco-Friendly Wood Jewelry

Eco-Friendly Wood Jewelry

For your sixth wedding anniversary the recommended traditional gift is candy; a candy necklace would be a fun gift along with another gift of jewelry.

For the seventh wedding anniversary you might consider choosing some type of jewelry that is copper or brass colored.

The 8th wedding anniversary customary gift is bronze; there are many different options for this gift which include a bronze colored bracelet, earrings or even a ring.

The traditional anniversary gift for those celebrating their 9th anniversary is pottery; you might consider choosing a necklace that has ceramic beads.

Finally, once you hit your 10th anniversary, your customary gift should be tin. Many people nowadays use aluminum and it might be a fun joke to make a necklace or ring out of tin foil; of course you will want to have a backup gift in case he or she doesn’t approve!

As your marriage progresses into the double digits you might consider purchasing a charm bracelet that you can add to every year. This way she will always be on her toes wondering which charm you will choose to show her your love each year. For husbands you might consider purchasing cufflinks, watches or even a nice necklace if he likes to wear jewelry.

Gold and Diamond Necklace Anniversary Gift

Gold and Diamond Necklace Anniversary Gift

Always remember to be creative and personal in your jewelry choice for your anniversary. Whether you are just dating or if you have been married for 40 years, your anniversary should be a special day to show each other just how much you love them. Your choices for the best anniversary gift don’t always have to be the most expensive, it truly is the thought that counts and your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend will love you more for a personal and thoughtful gift rather than one chosen simply for it’s value.

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