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The Top 10 Indian Jewelry Designers – Popular and New Indian Jewelry Designers

Indian jewelry designers have become quite popular because of their style of jewelry. It is very unique in design, and made of many materials that might not traditionally be used.

Indian jewelry is known for its use of colors, as well as the uniqueness of its pieces. Even if you are not in India you can still purchase these kinds of pieces as many sell their piece online.

Indian jewelry design goes back many years. They put a lot of time and effort into their unique pieces. Their jewelry pieces are inspired by rich and old pieces of architecture. Here are some of the more popular Indian jewelry designers.

1. Poonam Soni
Poonam Soni is the top jewelry designer of India. She inspires herself to create jewelry pieces by sitting down with a pencil and paper and beginning to sketch. She started to make pieces that highlight the history of India, but now she creates all different kinds of style. She started her business from home, and then branched out into boutiques.

2. Asha Kamal Modi
Asha Kamal Modi’s jewelry line is called Art Karat. She launched her line of beautiful pieces in 1988, at a time when jewelry was just a concept in India. All of her pieces are created with nature in mind, and are very unique.

Farah Kahn Fine Jewelry From India

Farah Kahn Fine Jewelry From India

3. Farah Kahn
Farah Khan has been a jeweler designer for 15 years now. She got her training at the Gemology Institute of America in Santa Monica California. She was one of the top people in her class, and graduated in 1992 – 93. Farah Khan’s jewelry has been seen on some of Hollywood’s top actors and even some of India’s top families. She makes rings and ear rings. Farah Khan was introduced in February of 2004 in Mumbai.

4. Parekh Platinum Limited
Parekh Platinum Limited is one of the leaders in chemicals, metallurgical technologies and fine jewelry. The company is well known for its advanced technologies with jewelry and precious metals. Their fine jewelry has been impressing India for many years.

5. Arvindkumar and Co.
Arvindkumar and company is a manufacturer, importer and exporter of all kinds of diamonds. They deal with every kind of diamond from rough to polished diamonds. They have over 20 years in the field. The Arvindkumar and company have been passed one from generation to generation.

6. Tanishq
The Tanishq Company began in the early 1990’s. The company is most well known for making watches. The first watch they made was the Tanishq which had 103 diamonds and was made of pure 18 karat gold.

Tanishq Fine Jewelry From India

Tanishq Fine Jewelry From India

7. Maheep Kapoor
Maheep Kapoor’s jewelry designs can be found in the jewelry store Notandas & Sons. She is known for many of her beautiful collections. She has been in campaigns with this company and is known for her unique pieces.

8. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri
Tribhocandas Bhimji Zavery, or TBZ, has been in the jewelry business since 1864. They are known as the leaders of quality in Indian jewelry. All their pieces are unique and one of a kind, which makes them extra valuable.

9. Adora
Adora is a popular brand of diamond jewelry in India. They were started up by a company in Mumbai. Their jewelry pieces are themed on love and the celebration of life. Their jewelry is worn by many celebrities as well.

10. Gili
Gili is another popular jewelry designer in India. They are one of the largest exporters of diamond jewelry and are extremely well known.

Gold Vintage Bridal Jewelry From India

Gold Vintage Bridal Jewelry From India

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