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Aaron Basha Jewelry Designer

To the fashion connoisseur, the upscale boutiques lining Madison Avenue between 60th and 65th Street can be likened to Hollywood’s walk of stars, as name after designer name showcases the latest trends in elegant store front windows.

Diamond and Gold Baby Shoe by Aaron Basha

Diamond and Gold Baby Shoe by Aaron Basha

The Aaron Basha boutique at 680 Madison Avenue, shines brightly amid this constellation of brands. Synonymous with quality, fashion and of course, adorable jewelled baby shoes and playful jewelled ladybugs, Aaron Basha has been setting style precedents internationally ever since its patriarch and namesake began designing and retailing jewellery in the 1950’s. There is also a good chance that on a visit to the boutique, you will be greeted by Aaron Basha himself or a member of his family who all share the same passion for exquisite jewelry. Aaron Basha jewelry is also available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and fine jewelry stores worldwide.

Website: Aaron Basha