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Zoccai Jewelry Designer

Zoccai was founded in 1839 as a small goldsmith’s workshop in Venice. With the passing of the time Zoccai grows and develops its set-up gaining many markets shares andsuccesses, thanks to the great background of experience that enabled the company to join togetherthe tradition and the quality in their products hand-made by jewellery masters guided by the uniqueguide lines that today represent the Zoccai Style. A fine interpretation of gold and precious stoneswith a particular alchemy of lines and of harmonic contrasts of colors.

Zoccai Diamond Star Necklace

Zoccai Diamond Star Necklace

They are made exclusively with high quality diamonds, pearls, precious stones and gold in its different shades.

The long experience of our goldsmiths masters give birth to unique creations in which quality, style and tradition are merged together in a very exclusive Jewel made with the care and the passion of experienced hands.

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