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Miss Butterfly Brooch by Jewelry Designer Efva Attling

Words From Efva:
May 2011


What could be more romantic than having the picture in the back of your mind of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissing on the beach.
Sunny, salty and sexy…
The film was “From here to eternity.”

– Efva Attling

After the longest winter ever we can finally hope for the light and summer to come.

When I was in Moscow in March attending an eyewear exhibition, I thought I’d freeze to death. Walking over the Red Square, the cold and the wind sent an alarm through my whole body. No wonder vodka is big in Russia. Soon after, I was in a TV studio outside Helsinki with no heat and outside it was minus 20 degrees Celsius. I was a guest judge on Finnish Project Runway (Muodin huiput). The one thing that kept my spirit up was that I knew I was going to Singapore to open a shop-in-shop at Style Nordic. Finally there was sun just to get warmed up for a couple of days to stand the Swedish winter again.

By the way Singapore was the cleanest city I’ve ever been too. They don’t sell chewing gum but if you happen to have one and spit it out in the street there is a fine. In the subway people are so disciplined. Everybody stands in a neat line to wait for the other people to get off at the station. Respect!

On April 14th, the Royal Patriotic Society honored me with a medal for my entrepreneurship, which was handed out by H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. I had such a great time with the Prince at Riddarhuset in Stockholm and we had a lot of laughs at dinner. And as an extra bonus, the medal is in 18k gold!

This spring I let my Butterflies fly free. One of the first songs I wrote was “Miss Butterfly”, the lyrics was about not holding on to love too hard cause it will suffocate. Just as if you would hold a butterfly too hard it would die. What is special in this collection is the brooch, it is back in fashion and it’s another beautiful way to wear jewellery.

Silver Efva Attling Miss Butterfly Brooch

Silver Efva Attling Miss Butterfly Brooch

In my new eyewear collection I wear “Kitten” and I get a lot of compliments for them. Inspired by, yes, “Mad Men”, of course. I made a little film about me making eyewear to be shown at the Swedish Synsam stores, look out.

I have been hanging out in New York a lot lately. Why? Because I am realizing a big dream of mine. I am going to have my own store in the Big Apple. Yes, we’ve found the space and it’s going to be located in the Meatpacking area. Isn’t that cool? Just to keep you curious I will not tell where yet! To be continued…

Love, Peace and Understanding
Efva Attling

To learn more about Efva and this brooch, visit Efva Attling.