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Diamond Bracelets by Jewelry Designer Heinz Mayer

The Polo-Bracelets of the Heinz Mayer company.

You will find the result of years of research and experience. The diamond bracelets of the 3rd Millenium.

These bracelets are handmade and individually crafted by master goldsmiths.

Rolling Diamonds Bracelet by Heinz Mayer

Rolling Diamonds Bracelet by Heinz Mayer

A fine blend of precision and elegance available in 18 carat gold or Platinum set with
exquisite diamonds. A choice of styles is offered, either the traditional round, or the more contemporary square.

There is a large number of combinations possible so please ask us for detailed information to help you cater for your clients individual needs.

To learn more about these bracelets, visit Heinz Mayer.