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Gold Bracelet by Jewelry Designer Angela Fung

Angela Fung designs kinetic/ articulated jewellery using innovative technology and industrial materials, and unconventional constructional techniques, (e.g. non of her pieces are soldered) which she combines with semi-precious stones and other precious materials.

In Glide and Slide range – she uses wire eroded stainless steel / titanium panels, sandwiching semi precious stones, with 18ct gold rivets. The stones propels back and forth with the wearer’s movement.

Gold Bracelet Jewelry By Angela Fung

Gold Bracelet Jewelry By Angela Fung

The Square and Pearl Range focuses investigation into the linking of precious and industrial materials by innovative and unconventional means. Stainless steel and pearls or silver tubings create an unexpected and successful effect. The overall result is a blend of delicacy and modernity.

To learn more about this bracelet, visit Angela Fung.