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Gold and Diamond Heart Bracelet by Jewelry Designer Georg Lauer

In 1989 Hammer & Söhne acquired the premium jewelry manufacturer Georg Lauer which also included the brand Laudier. In the early 1990’s expansion plans also took into account the jewelry manufacturing possibilities in the Far East such as MKS in Bangkok and the InterGold Group in Bombay.In 1992 Hammer & Söhne entered into a joint venture agreement with the MKS group which provided access to the “invisible-setting” skills and a further expandable production facility in Bangkok. Hammer & Söhne also participated in the Bombay based InterGold Group and together they subsequently founded a European division, SMI GmbH.

Gold and Diamond Heart Bracelet by Georg Lauer

Gold and Diamond Heart Bracelet by Georg Lauer

In 1998 Hammer & Söhne acquired 100% of the MKS Group and began developing extensive plans for expanding the production capacity and the Far East marketing and sales program.

By early 1999 the Hammer Group CEO, had completed several phases of restructuring and streamlining production and logistic operations – the time was right for additional investment in order to achieve the group’s long term growth and development plans. Young, dynamic and experienced jewelry investors were sought and found.

The Hammer Group headquarters in Pforzheim include the principals/ shareholders and their management which includes marketing/ sales, design finance, logistics and showroom.

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