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by Jewelry Designer Georg Lauer

Convex and concave lines are the basic concept of the GeorgLauer Design and makes our jewellery unmistakable pieces of art. The entire GeorgLauer Collection reflects a clear, unique hand. Every single piece of jewellery captivates by itself and has its very own character.

In the GeorgLauer Design we remember traditional, high handicraft art of jewellery and complement it by the exquisite technique of Invisible Setting in which every single stone is being cut and set individually by hand thus creating an integral and harmonious whole.

Gold and Diamond Rings by George Lauer

Gold and Diamond Rings by George Lauer

Playing with unusual colour compositions radiates charm and magic. Weight and shape are in perfect harmony – you can even feel it when you touch and wear the piece of jewellery. The expressive design and excellent workmanship make wearing your piece of jewellery an individual, fascinating experience.

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