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Blue Quartz Ring by Jewelry Designer La Reina

La Reina Process.

La Reina was faced by the same challenges with which all couturiers grapple – reinterpreting high fashion into wearable pieces. Conventional jewelry materials cannot always convey the extraordinary vision & desire for a palette that captures the richness of Indian culture. In order to create its jeweled imaginings, La Reina turned to alchemy, transforming a metal not ordinarily associated with haute jewelry – titanium.

Titanium has eluded researchers for centuries as it never occurs in nature as an individual element; it is always chemically bonded to other elements in the form of ores or minerals. In 1974, the German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaporth found titanium in rutile ore and gave the element its godly name (after the Titans, in Greek mythology, the sons of the sky and the Earth gods).

Blue Quartz Ring with Fancy Yellow Diamond and White Round Diamond Pave

Blue Quartz Ring with Fancy Yellow Diamond and White Round Diamond Pave

When exposed to air the metal forms an oxide surface and is therefore extremely resistant to corrosion. It is also completely hypoallergenic hence its use in medicine as prosthetic limbs. This property of the metal also make is ideal for use in watch cases & jewelry in particular earrings & other piercing. Titanium is also incredibly light. Commercial grades of titanium have ultimate tensile strength of about 63,000 psi, equal to that of some steel alloys, but are 45% lighter. Hence Titanium can be sculpted into enormous, elaborate pieces that otherwise would be unwearable. Imagine earrings the size of orchid blossoms that are as light as hollow gold hoops. When heated at high temperatures the metal also gives of a hue of colors. The kaleidoscope effect of the metal casts ever-changing metallic hues-scarlet, magenta, cerulean, indigo

This inherent property of the metal has increasingly allured La Reina’s designers towards this “Metal of the Gods”. After four years of perfecting its technique, La Reina launched its one-of-a-kind titanium collection “Evoluzione” in Basel, Switzerland 2008 to great reviews from critics as well as jewelry connoisseurs. The collection has been awarded the Town & Country Designing Award.

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