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The Best Engagement Ring – How to order online?

She’s the one. You’re 100% sure. You want to propose… Last thing missing is the perfect engagement ring. If you’re really in a hurry, the best place to select and order an engagement ring online is here: Engagement Rings – quality engagement rings and diamond rings at James Allen’s online jewelry store. This is my personal recommendation.

As an avid jewelrista – that’s like a fashionista for jewelry – I often need to answer this question: where is the best place to order an engagement ring online? Obviously, there is more than one decent online jewelry store and I work with many of them. But when ordering an engagement ring, you’re mostly a novice with no clue. If you simply walk into a jewelry store, you may end up with something different than what you dreamed of. And so, I searched, researched, tried and reviewed, asked around… and finally, we have a winner.

I found that only at JamesAllen.com you have a complete interactive guide for designing, selecting and ordering the perfect engagement ring online. It includes actual 360 degree photos, full flexibility with materials, and above all – 100% satisfaction guarantee from a trusted brand. Oh, and need I mention the magnificently beautiful engagement rings?

So where is this wonderful online jewelry store to order the best engagement ring? One click away here on the banner:

Princess Solitaire Ring

Now, all you have left to do is choose the prefect timing and location, propose, and… I do!


Just to be honest and clear with you, I’m not selling jewelry myself. If you do choose to buy an engagement ring online through this banner above, I may get a small commission from the online jewelry store. But I only recommend jewelry that I love 100%. Cheers and Love!

Design Your Own Engagement Ring
Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings