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Diamond Ring by Jewelry Designer Lenti Villasco

The new premises in Piazza Lanza, at the heart of Valenza’s historic town centre, are an old property complex of 1500 sq m, dating from 1820.

This is where the Lenti family, currently sole proprietor, welcomes customers and partners outside of normal business engagements. Assisted by their father, Danilo and Giuliana Lenti pursue and develop the company’s strategy.

It is here that every jewel is conceived and produced, from the design and the selection of stones to the refinement of the finishing. Loving care and attention are invested in each of the phases required to transform raw materials into wonderful jewellery.

Lenti Villasco is by your side before, during and after sale. Our team is always available for personalized assistance or consultation.

Diamond Ring by Jewelry Designer Lenti Villasco

Diamond Ring by Jewelry Designer Lenti Villasco

In the certainty of offering you the best, at the best price, it is our pleasure to satisfy – and even to anticipate – your requirements.

Whether bespoke or prêt-à-porter jewellery, for Lenti Villasco it is important that each jewel can become part of a harmonious whole. The clarity of their form and smoothness of their edges, the severity and softness of their lines should follow the movement of the woman wearing them.

Inspired by the classical notion of beauty at the heart of élite Italian taste, Lenti Villasco jewels exhibit an understated harmony of design and compositional balance, allowing them to be enjoyed in perfect symbiosis with one’s personal style.

To love them is to love the elegance and creativity of the finest interpretations of Italian style, and Lenti Villasco knows it. Its “atelier” is dedicated solely to creating splendid expressions of grace. A single glimpse of these masterpieces of jewellery, sold in the most exclusive boutiques worldwide, says all this and more.

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