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The Sarah Diamond By Jewelry Designer Graff Diamonds

Laurence Graff has founded Graff Diamonds Ltd. in 1960, and in six years this Jewelry House has won one of the most honorary awards in the world – Diamonds International Award in the ‘Best Design’ nomination. It’s vertically integrated company, Graff is involved in all stages from the mining, cutting and polishing of the diamond, the initial vision and design of the piece through to the final exquisite Graff jewel.

Creating jewelry with some of the rarest gems available, Graff has handled some of the world’s most treasured gemstones, including The Idol’s Eye (70,21 carats), The Emperor Maximilian (41,94 carats), The Porter Rhodes (54,04 carats), Le Grande Coeur d’Afruque and Le Petite Coeur d’Afrique (70,03 and 25,22 carats), Excelsior (69,68 carats), The Hope of Africa (115,91 carats), The Sarah (132,43 carats), The Star of America (100,57 carats), The Paragon (137,82 carats, the largest and flawless diamond in the world – D class, without inclusions), The Guinea (30 carats an illuminant diamond), The Imperial Blue (natural blue diamond without inclusions), The Empress Rose (pink sparkling diamond), the Golden Star. The jewelry maker’s glamorous style is a result of its highly skilled in-house craftsmen.

The Sarah Diamond

The Sarah Diamond

The lustrous beauty of “The Sarah,” transcended the most profound imagination. At last the fiery spirit of the diamond revealed a glittering brilliant gem, scattering sparks of iridescent fire from deep within its heart, encapsulating the earth’s very sole in a tribute to man’s consummate skill.

It was not however until December 12th, 2000, when the Gemological Institute of America finally granted its coveted Certificate: 132.43 carats, Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow, VS1, Very Good polish, Very Good symmetry, together with a report stating that it is the largest Natural color Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond ever graded by them, that its magnificence could be revealed to the world. Laurence Graff has set an unsurpassed standard of excellence and innovation in the world of diamonds and fine jewelry and it has already been said that more important gem quality diamonds have passed through his hands than any other living dealer. Source: graffdiamonds.com and various articles on the internet and in magazines.

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