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Josco Jewelry Designer

The leading brand in the precious Metal Industry Josco has constantly wowed the fashion conscious customers in Kerala with the finest range of exceptional traditional and modern Jewellery, Precious Metal continue to experience significant gains,same way Josco completed 44 Golden Years of Quality, Service and Trust from our Precious Golden Customers .Today the brand Josco spreaded across the country having over 14 well accomplished Stores.

Rare collections, unique designs and unmatched quality, while we will spend half of our time exploring the designs to understand our customers’ needs, we also offer customized design options to our customers.

JOSCO JEWELLERS’ Quality is what we are most concerned about here as there is no compromise on quality. Our mission is to offer unique blend of superior quality products to our customers. We do not carry anything that is not well made. Our job is to ensure each client is getting the best quality for the money they spent.

Gold Coin Pendent

Gold Coin Pendent

With more than 44 years in the industry, Josco applies experience and dedication in ornament designing ,which will reflect with the most exclusive pieces available in Kerala and Bangalore. From leading edge designs to spectacular gems from around the world, from the contemporary to the traditional.

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