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Heidi Daus Jewelry Designer

Elegant, sophisticated and confident defines the Heidi Daus woman. It is a sisterhood of sorts when spotted within a crowd.

The Collection is unique in style, artistry and color and it is what sets a Heidi Daus piece apart from all others. It is the experience of opening up your first box of Heidi Daus jewelry that some gals call a breathtaking experience.

"Forget Me Knot" Necklace

"Forget Me Knot" Necklace

Heidi brings her childhood memories, her journeys to far distant places, her studies and apprenticeships’ to life in each piece, whether it be the flowers found in the Giverney Gardens, or the simple gifts of wonderment from Mother Nature. It is the love of all that is beautiful, that attention to detail, and the color palettes that is her signature on each piece.

She welcomes all who enter her world of beautiful jewelry and hope that each piece is treasured and worn with love.

Website: Heidi Daus