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Lifestyle Collections By Jewelry Designer Lana Bramlette

Lana Lifestyle:

Lana Bramlette Lifestyle Collections

Lana Bramlette Lifestyle Collections

Let me give you a glimpse into my world…

Every aspect of my life contributes to the creation of my designs. Sometimes a mood, a trip or a favorite piece of clothing will inspire my collection, so as you add my pieces to your wardrobe, I hope you’ll be inspired, too!


“Fall is my favorite season: cool, crisp and all about newness. And what’s brand new is my first-ever silver collection, LB|925. I wanted to create a line my clients would recognize immediately for its signature sleek lines and bold curves, only bigger in scale and with prices that are even more attainable.

I love the contrast of my silver MEGA GLITTER hoops paired with jeans. Since my favorites are always a little out of the box, I’m wearing them with these Victoria Beckham jeans. I am all about black and gray (and, of course, gold and silver) for fall — Go get these Jimmy Choo boots! Yes..they are a splurge but you will have these for a long time! Add my MEGA Disc necklace, and you’ll look like a star.

I’m also excited to share my favorite 14-karat gold jewelry collection yet; it was inspired by the birth of my beautiful daughter, Blake. Bringing her into the world has changed everything, so this collection is geometric and powerful. They are also my most collectible pieces, because I wanted to create jewelry that would last forever.

I feel the same way about clothes; I don’t like trends and don’t buy into them. I’d rather buy something timeless, with a kick. Rick Owens does leather like no one else…and this jacket is a must for me! My BLAKE hoops and OLIVIA rings will look perfect with it.

Speaking of things that last forever, my honeymoon in St. Tropez is a memory I cherish. The ST. TROPEZ necklace and BLAKE bar earrings go beautifully with this DVF dress–isn’t the color stunning? I love ’70s glamour with a modern edge. There’s nothing sexier.

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