The Top 10 British Jewelry Designers – Popular and New British Jewelry Designers

British jewelry designers are known for their elegance. They have done a variety of designs; from the fun and wild, to the elegance fit for British royalty. There are also many British jewelry designers who have taken a spin on things and have made some absolutely beautiful eco-friendly pieces out of recycled plastic. Many vintage pieces you can find came from some of the first British jewelry designers. Here are some of the popular British jewelry designers.

1. Andrew English
The young British jewelry designer is best known for its work on the Fingerprint Wedding Band Collection. Andrew English lives and works in London. The work that Andrew English does is explorative and evolves perpetually in many directions.

Astley Clarke Jewelry

Astley Clarke Jewelry

2. Astley Clarke
The designer Astley Clarke is actually Bec Astley Clarke. She founded the company in 2006. She is an internet entrepreneur. Astley Clarke designs fine jewelry with colored gemstones that will go with any style that a woman would want. Astley Clarke designs are exquisite and all owned by them.

3. Angela Fung
Angela Fung was born in Mozambique and was a great piano player before she was injured. She wanted to work with her hands still so she started to make jewelry. The designs that she uses are very functional and can be adapted to any situation.

4. Claudia Bradby
Claudia Bradby’s jewelry design can be found in more than 90 stores, as well as it can be purchased online. She also sells her work to independent boutiques. She creates pieces so that women can build a jewelry wardrobe just like a clothing wardrobe. She focuses a lot of freshwater pearls and sterling silver.

5. Diana Porter
Diana Porter is a Contemporary jewelry designer. Diana specializes in wedding and engagement rings. Diana also makes earrings, necklaces and brooches. Diana Porter has all original designs and even will make one of a kind piece for her clients.

Shaun Leane Jewelry

Shaun Leane Jewelry

6. Shaun Leane
Shaun Leane is a British jewelry designer that is known for his use of romantic jewels. The pieces he creates give a poetic look, and even tapping into history. His jewelry pieces give off a story, which has been a hit because there are so many people who love his work.

7. Touran Reddaway
Touran Reddaway was born to an Iranian mother and British father. She has a collection of handmade gold jewelry. They symbolize old custom beliefs with modern designs. Her work is absolutely beautiful and elegant to women. Her collections can be found in boutiques.

8. Harriet Kelsall
Harriet Kelsall is a beautiful jewelry designer. They focus on rings, and do a great job with them as well. Their most popular rings are engagement rings, but they do offer wedding rings, eternity rings, as well as commitment rings. They are not mass produced like some designers, so you can really find some unique pieces made by them.

9. Sarah Sheridan
Sarah is the leading British jewelry designer who focuses on contemporary pieces. They make quite an elegant statement. She offers many different collections. If you are looking for that special piece, you can even set up a meeting to create a one of a kind piece for that special occasion.

10. Stephan Einhorn
Stephan Einhorn is known for his wonderful work. His work is designed for individuals. His signature is in elegant simplicity. He creates pieces that can be worn often, and Stephan has a passion for design. He was one of the first jewelry designers to focus on jewelry for men exclusively.

Stephen Einhorn Jewelry Designs

Stephen Einhorn Jewelry Designs

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